Talba, who is leaving Jamea, wants to get admission in Ifta. He gets admission in another madrasa every year. He used to get admission in other madrassa’s every year. Talba, who was about to leave, wanted the Ifta section to start in Jamea. It is the responsibility of the madrassas to provide Shariah guidance to the Ummah and to prepare scholars to guide them. One such method of guiding the ummah according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah is to write a fatwa. Shortly after the establishment of the madrassa, the work of Dar-ul-Ifta began. The department was officially inaugurated by Hazrat Mufti Abbas Bismillah SB. Since then the department has been very successful in carrying out its duties under the supervision of various ulema. They give correct answer / fatwa to the question given by people in Urdu and Gujarati. In his research, a one-year course was decided in the Ifta department on the advice of Jamea’s supporters 4 years ago today. This year 4 (four) talbas to be issued from Jamea were admitted in the Ifta section. The 750 quiz of the fatwa was studied with the cell of Alhamdulillah Ifta.