The religious education for us Muslims was a must in the past and will remain the same in the future too. InshaAllah. The atmosphere is filled with atheism disbelife and repulsion from the religion has become a very dangerous issue for religious and moral values. For instance, We are living in the secular country where there is no place for religion in educational system. Hence, protaction and preaching of the religion in new generation has become a very difficult task. This is the state of affairs which endangers religious and cultural identify and existance of muslim in this nation and their relationship with Islam. Because of this circumstances, that has arised our well wersed Ulamas have through about the establishment of educational institute which will keep alive the link between the young muslim generation with faith and also be intermingle in preserving Islamic-religious and moral value


The basic aim behind the establishment of this religious institution that the desire of Ustad Janab Hazrat Maulana Qari Ahmadullah saheb(D.B.) (Chief Qari Jamea Islamia Talimuddin Dabhel) is to establish one of the Jamea in Gujarat on the basis of “QIRAAT AND TAJWEED” And give them the centralized position.  There was a long-standing desire of the supervision to set up an institution in this area that would be central to Art of Tajweed and which could be called the center of Tajweed. So that people’s attention will be on it and people will be created by working hard on this art which will give a job of a true leader and living in the future. So every person’s attention will be drawn towards “The Art of Jewel of an Arkan” and prepare the scholar person who will guide people to recite the Quraan-E-Karim with the correct pronunciation of each alphabet keeping in mind all the characteristics. The dream was inadequately interpreted. By the elegance of God Almighty, this great blessing was bestowed on the destiny of a dear supporter of Hazrat-e- Wala and his best Student, dear Qari Ismail bin Daud Bismillah Saheb Dabheli (Grandson of Mufti-e-Gujarat and Burma Hazrat Moulana Mufti Ismail Bismillah Sahab R.A) With his good Bless, and the sun of that day rise with many blessings, and that day was on according to the month of 17, Rajab-ul-Murajjab, 1417 Hijri. On 29, November 1996 AD. Friday, After Jumah Prayer It was made the milestone circuitous with trust and confidence.

Dear Readers, In this shortage era, wherein the time of deprivation of men and Students, there are easily available readers and expert scholars in the Islamic schools, That was a great day of 18, Shawwal-ul- Mukar-ram, 1417 Hijri  26, February 1997 Wednesday. Jamea will in a very short period of time, The visible institution came into continuation in the form of “Jameatul Qiraat” and in a very short period of time the Growth and process of Islamic education learning and studies.

Alhamdulillah, Jamea is progressing day by day.