Dear respected donors at Jamiyah we have made great progress at the Darul-uloom.  The Darul-uloom is our main focus but Jamiyah also has a vision for the other localities. With this worry and concern in mind Jamiyah has been involved in the following local schemes.

  1. Building and maintenance of new Masaajids
  2. Establishing new Makaatibs in surrounding areas taking responsibility  of the syllabus and teaching within  these Maktabs.
  3. Jamiyah takes responsibility of the management and maintenance of the new Makatibs and Madressa.
  4. Jamiyah provides financial support to the Makaatibs & Madressas.
  5. Build water tanks and tube wells for poor localities.
  6. Jamiyah have taken the responsibility of managing a Hospital with the aim to provide vital & affordable Healthcare for poor & sick individuals. Dear respected Donors these projects are not possible without the help of the Almighty using you as a means of financing these schemes.
  7. Publication of religious pamphlets and books

    By the grace of Allah, Jamea has been concentrating on this work since the early days of his life. But this rank has been kept at No. 2 in view of the need for construction. Religious books and pamphlets we are printed and distributed to the people from time to time in response to the demands of the Muslim Ummah. During the current year, Mufti E Burma and Mufti E Gujarat Hazrat Aqdas Mufti Ismail Bismillah Sa. (RA) Fatwas in Rangoon and Jamea Dabhel were recorded in the registers. The number of Fatwas is 35,000. Done, Alhamdulillah, one to nine (1-9) volumes have been published under the name of the book “Fatawa Bismillah” by separating one of them from the same fatwa. You’re kind prays that Allah Ta’ala will complete the next task easily. In the same way, Muhaqqiq Ulma wants to publish the books of Ulmaa e Kiram and Musannifin in this section. It has hoped that Hazrat Ahle will pay his respects to this section as well.