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 Training  Section of Jamiyah
The Five Sections Of The Training Of Talabah I.e.
(1) Urdu (2) Farsi (3) Arabic-I to Dora-E-Hadith Sharif (4) Hifz (5) Tajweed & Qiraat.

English subject is compulsory for all the students of Urdu to Arabic-4 and the computer class for the students of Arabic-4
This Jamiyah have three sub sections for Talim & Tarbiyat
1 Anjuman-E-Misbahul Bayan (Urdu)
2 Anjuman-E-An-Nadiul Arbi (Arabic)
3 Anjuman-E-Lajnatul Quraah (Qiraat)
In the end of the year the final competition of these sections were arranged. On these auspicious ceremonies, the scholars Ulma-E-Kiram & Qurra-E-Kiram present here from various state. They were really very impressed to hear the Student’s “Takrir (Bayan)” in Urdoo and Arabic & Tilavat-E-Quraan-E-Karim. They expressed their desire, and make dua for the progree & prosperity of this Jamiyah. The student who achieved the first, second and third position, they were getting their prizes by the hands of the president sir.

 The Examination in Jamiyah.

There are two Examinations  arranged in the whole year.(1) Treminal (2) Annual. In the year end the examination held in the Jamiyah, The Student of Arabic-IInd to Dora-E-Hadith sharif classes, given their writing examination. The oral examination of Hifz, Tajweed & Urdoo to Arabic-I classes are being taken by teachers from different Jamiyahs. Alhamdulillah the result was satisfied.

 Invitation of “Tablig” Section

It is compulsory to acquire knowledge and to act according to its rules and to send its message to others is most necessary. Jamiyah’s Tabligi work is also running with Training and Tarbiyat. On Thursday by arranging the programme, Talba are sent to nearby village. The group of Talba stays in the Mosque and they return back to their Madresa after the time of Ishraq.

During the whole year they went to the near by villages to spread. Preach about ‘Tablig”. I here by pray to Allah Subhanuhu Ta’ala to to such the highest work from the worst side of the world and to mark for the communities to best place in their hearts (Good Wishes) Ameen.

The act of “Shoba-E-Tablig” is running under the observation by the teachers of our Jamiyah.

Donate Thanks to
Thanks to the donors who giving scholarship to student's of Hifz & Aalim classes
The major student of the Jamiyah are coming from poorand lower middle class families. Along with facilities of lodging and boarding, they need pocket expenses. We are very thankful to them who come forward to help the poor student for the cause of Islam.
Thanks to the Wellwishers who Co-Operate on the Time of Qurbani
We are heartily thankful to them who do their qurbani through our Jamiyah. We mark Dua for them that May Allah Ta'ala the Almighty, accept your Qurbani and grant better rewards.

The purpose of the scheme is to distribute Qurbani meat to the poor mulims at various places in India. And to use the amount through sale of hides for the benefit of the poor and deserving students of Jamiyah.
The Examination in Jamiyah.
We really thankful to all the muslim brothers who help us by their Lillah, Zakat, Sadqah, Amount etc. May Allah Subhanuhu Ta'ala, thealmighty, accept it and grant better rewards in hereafter. In our Jamiyah,here are also the facility to bring your Lillah, Sadqah, and Akika animals.You can also submit your amount in our office to purchase the animals. Or you can directly inform us on telephone also.
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